Greetings! I’m Murray, a young and driven graphic designer with a passion for all things creative, with a keen eye for detail and an obsession for design.

Throughout my journey as a creative, I’ve honed my skills and acquired a diverse range of expertise in the creative field through graphic design & animation, to videography & photography. From the execution of on-brand marketing campaigns to outside of the box projects, I possess a versatile skill set to tackle any design challenge with confidence. 

Constantly seeking growth and inspiration, I keep a keen eye on emerging design trends, technologies, and competitors. This allows me to push towards what I call the ‘better than yesterday’ mentality that pushes me to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of my current designs, and to anticipate the needs of future projects.

In my portfolio you will find marketing material I created for various brands while working under the ‘Bapcor Retail’ in-house marketing department (e.g. Autobarn, Autopro, Opposite Lock). Additionally, you’ll find a collection of freelanced client work, university projects and personal concepts.

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